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Gum Recession Can Occur Without Warning

March 28, 2022

If you’ve noticed that one or more of your teeth appear more exposed than before, or have had issues of tooth sensitivity, you may be exhibiting the symptoms of gum recession. It’s a common condition that, if left untreated, can lead to loss of the tooth and damage to the supporting bone structure. It’s time to see the periodontist at Russell D. Hatfield, DDS, MS, Ltd, who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases like recession. 

Perhaps the most important fact to keep in mind is that gum recession occurs slowly, so many people may not even realize it’s occurring until that telltale sensitivity makes its presence felt. A notch near the gum line is another warning sign. That’s why a strong oral hygiene routine and professional checkups and cleanings are all absolutely vital for protecting your teeth and gums.

So, what causes our gums to recede, and why does it happen to some people and not others? Gum inflammation and disease caused by the buildup of plaque and bacteria are major causes, as are poor oral hygiene and overly aggressive brushing. Age, genetics and hormonal changes can play a role, as can tobacco use, oral piercings, a misaligned bite, and clenching or grinding your teeth. Sometimes the condition can be rectified with a deep cleaning; in more advanced cases we use an array of procedures to restore the gums to health. 

Keep in mind that our periodontist has years of specialized training exclusively focused on the health of our patients’ gums. Our experience, combined with the state-of-the-art treatments we offer, has made our practice the gold standard in our area. The comfort and care we provide makes each patient feel like a member of our family.

Our periodontist at Russell D. Hatfield, DDS, MS, Ltd is a recognized expert in all conditions related to the health of the gums. If you have a question or concern, please don’t hesitate to contact our office today.

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